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The Engage Hybrid gives you a more precise setup. And a windage unit with micro adjustments that click to dial you in closer than ever before.

  • Engage Hybrid Revolve Micro Pin System
  • Engage Hybrid Blade Pins
  • Engage Hybrid Flourescent Ring
  • Engage Hybrid Rapid Drive
  • Engage Hybrid Quad Track
  • Options Available

  • Engage Hybrid Available with 1 Pin Scope Housing
  • Engage Hybrid Available with 3 Pin Scope Housing
  • Engage Hybrid Available with 5 Pin Scope Housing

Hunting Sights

Custom Bow Equipement X4 Arrow Rest with micro adjustments
  1. Windage Lock Down Screw

  2. Launcher Blade Indexing System For Easy Installation And Removal

  3. Blades Included:

    • 0.010" Standard Blade
    • 0.010" Wide Blade
    • 0.008" Standard Blade
    • 0.008" Wide Blade
  4. Angle Down Adjustment Screw

  5. Angle Lock Down Screw

  6. Micro Windage Adjustment Knob (with clicks)

  7. Micro Elevation Adjustment Knob (with clicks)

  8. Micro Adjust Custom Extension Bar For Infinite Tuning

  9. Easy Removal For Travel (case included)

    X4 Arrow Rest Case

Custom Bow Equipement Mods Torx Hunting Stabilizer Kit including 7 inch and 11 inch stabilizers. Also includes 2 oz of weights and torx mounts
  1. 2 oz. of Black Nitride Stainless Steel Weights

  2. 11" Stabilizer

  3. High Mod Light Weight Carbon

  4. Mounts To Front Or Back Of Riser
    Adapter Included

  5. Torx Single Bow Mount

  6. 7" Stabilizer

  7. Torx Stealth Dampener


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