Torx Carbon Micro Stabilizer

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The CBE® Torx Carbon Micro™ Stabilizer brings ultimate balance and stability while combining vibration reducing technology into a slim and lightweight design. The 8, 10 or 15 inch high modulus micro carbon rod features a seamless integration of the dampers and the 2 ounces of black stainless steel weight.

The CBE Torx Carbon Micro is available as a stand- alone stabilizer or as one of two kit options- 8 and 10 inch or 10 and 15 inch. The Stabilizer Kit features a tapered fit to ensure that the stabilizer doesn’t move once set, while the integrated front and back bar quick disconnect allows for easy disassembly for travel if needed.

Experience the CBE Torx Carbon Micro Stabilizer and achieve a customized shooting experience with enhanced performance.


Need Torx Instruction Sheets? Download them here!

Customer Reviews

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Josh Buchanan
Great products

Not only do these stabilizers make the bow look great they also balance out your bow really well. I run them on all of my bows, the price is great as well.

Torx Stabilizer

This is a great price point for high quality, customizable stab! Highly recommend!

Robert Beale
CBE Stabs

Cbe has been making top quality stabilizers for years. The torx carbon micro is another top quality stabilizer. The light weight and ability to customize the weight on the end is awesome.

Cody Wahoski
Great product small cosmetic issue

It preforms great and matches my v3x perfectly. The price is far better than the Mathews brand stabilizer but it doesn’t look out of place on the bow. The bow already shoots quietly but this just takes it to the next level. 4 stars only because the end cap of my particular stabilizer was glued on a bit crooked. I noticed it while screwing it on to the bow but it doesn’t effect performance in any way. I have other products such as the treck pro sight and echo release and the fit and finish is perfect on those so I would assume this one just slipped through the cracks.

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