key Features

Armed Guard

Fiber Management System

Armed Guard Fiber Management System protects the fibers every step of the way, from block to pin. And, there is now 12 inches of fiber for brighter pins!

Rapid Drive™

Elevation Adjustment System

Our machined Rapid Drive™ elevation adjustment system is the fastest high-precision adjustment available – one turn = 1.5" of travel. An ergonomic knob makes adjustments easy.

Smart Mount

Multi-position Mounting Holes

Smart Mount – patented multi-position mounting holes give you a head start by allowing you to mount the sight in the optimal position to start with.

Quad Track

Stability Adjustment System

Quad Track – four-track stability adjustment system eliminates rocking and rattling.


CBE Guarantee

If your CBE bow sight fails due to any manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace your sight.

Custom Bow Equipment is proud to have a long-standing relationship with professional archers around the globe:

Haylee Golden ● Jacob Marlow ● Jase Boils ● Glen Bordwell ● Darrin Christenberry ● Nathan Brooks ● Tommy Gomez ● Stephen Altizer ● Justin Hannah ● Junior Sizemore ● Jim Livak ● John Fielder ● Billy Burress ● Bridger Deaton ● Richard Bowen ● Justin Fuller ● Fiona McClean ● Jeff Ratliff ● Kaci Therrien ● Aunders Faugstad ● JP Boulch ● Malcom Jones ● Nate Adkins ● Logan Altizer ● Jeremy Jarrett ● Lea Jarrett ● Keith Ahlstrom ● Luke Johnson● Lewis Holmes III ● Mitchell Lombardi ● Ernest Unger ● Derek Connally ● Michael Evans ● Drew Trull ● Dusty Grant

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