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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me understand the directions for sighting in my sight?

Please view the videos below for step-by-step instructions on how to sight in your CBE bow sight:

Can I order extra pins for my sights?

The CBE Tek Hybrid, Vertex, TL3, SL4 have extra pins available that can be purchased through CBE’s Customer Service. Newer models like the CBE Engage Series and Tactic Series do not have extra pins available. Please contact 877-503-5483 or for additional pins or sight housing. Please note that a RA may be acquired for repair. 

Can you customize my sight?

Unfortunately, we do not offer customization on our current line of CBE Sights.

There are numerous options within the CBE line up that allow you to customize your shooting experience. On most sights, you’re able to select from .010 or .019 pin size and the amount of pins within your sight housing. There is not any further customization options since the CBE line up has numerous customizable options already available.

Can I order a dovetail for my sight?

Our sights are designed and engineered to function with the brackets and/or dovetail that come standard. You are welcome to select a sight with the dovetail mounting bracket you are looking for HERE.

Do you have parts available for older sight models?

Depending on when the product was originally manufactured, we may have parts available for older sight models. Please contact CBE’s Customer Service at 877-503-5483 or Please note that older parts may no longer be available on discontinued sights.

I have a 5-pin sight, can I purchase a 1 pin housing for it?

Unfortunately, we do not sell multi or single pin attachments.

Where can I buy replacement Sight tapes for my sight?

You can purchase and learn more about our paper and metal replacement sight tapes HERE.

Are the Engage sight housing sold separate?

The housing for the Engage Series is not sold separately. The integration of the Engage Micro Drive system does not allow for a housing to be independently sold.

Are the Tactic series sight housings offered sold separately?

The Tactics are pre-assembled. As a result, we are unable to provide replacement pins or housing unless the sight is sent in for repair. Please contact CBE’s Customer Service at 877-503-5483 or to initiate a repair. 

Can I remove pins from my Engage Sight?

The pins in the Engage sights are mounted internally and the design does not allow for removal of pins.

Can I run a Lens in my Engage Sight?

Yes, the Engage Hybrid and Engage Micro accepts a lens which can found HERE.  

Will the Tactic series, Tactic hybrid accept a lens?

The housing on the Tactic Series is not threaded and therefor does not accept a lens. 

My single bar mount is stuck, what do I do?

Start by loosening the bolt holding the side bar mount. Then, create leverage by holding the side bar and quickly pulling it up and out. This movement should loosen the locking threads so that you’re able to adjust it further. 

How do I switch my sight from right to left hand?

The Tactic Series and CX5 bow sights are ambidextrous and can be easily switched from right to left handed. Please view the videos below for step-by-step instructions on how to change the dexterity on your Tactic or CX5 bow sight.

Switching the CBE Tactic From Right To Left Hand
Switching the CBE CX5 from Right to Left Hand