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With this conversion bar you can now attach CBE sights to your Mathews Bridge Lock equipped bow.

The CBE Bridge-Lock Technology Conversion Bar fits securely into Mathews Bridge-Lock equipped bows and is designed to recenter the windage adjustment for the ideal range of movement with CBE sights. The lightweight aluminum dovetail bar is easy to install with only a couple screws and will fit on any CBE Dovetail sights.

Compatible with the Following CBE Sights:
Engage Hybrid
• Engage Micro
• TEK Hybrid Pro

• Ambidextrous - can be used for both right and left-handed shooters
• 3 Lockdown Detents for Bar Length Adjustment
• Offsets Sight to Allow Complete Windage Adjustment
• Lightweight, Machined Aluminum Construction


Customer Reviews

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Ronnie Pridemore
Functional, but…

Tolerance could be tighter as it’s made for a specific bow. Don’t love the fact that it’s called ambidextrous but clearly you are getting the suboptimal function as a lefty. But it gets the job done. Finally, will never be 5 star without offering it as a package with the initial sight . Annoying and $50 more expensive to buy as a separate purchase

Matt Vacheresse
I like the site, but I can’t use it as I am waiting for the bridge lock adapter.

The site is everything I wanted, but unfortunately, I cannot use it as I am waiting for the adapter which I purchased and must be on backorder. All in all I’m a little disappointed or should I say quite a bit disappointed because I want to get shooting. I have tried reaching out to CBE three different times to ask when it could be expected to know response. I was always an HHA shooter in their customer service was outstanding. If I do not get a response soon, I will return the site and go a different direction

Mark Williams
Almost there....

So I just spent almost $500 cnd with tax for this CBE Trek Pro 3 vertical pin sight for my Mathews Phase 4 thinking I've got one of the best sights on the market with finger tension micro adjustment capability and don't need to carry an allen wrench set with main the field. However, I was dismayed to discover that it doesn't provide enough adjustment to sight the bow in with my point of impact still 12" to the left. Apparently even though I read it is "compatible" with Mathews Bridgelock system, what they fail to mention is that you need to spend another $75 cnd for an adapter to be able to use the $500 CBE sight you bought. I'm about to discover the adapters out of stock at the moment. Why CBE doesn't have the option to buy the sight with either with the mount system the bow brand has i.e. piccatiny, Bridge lock or standard side mount as their competitors like Black Gold does ? It's a great sight but it's like selling a truck and the wheels are an optional extra. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth having already spent $100 more than their competitors for the same feature sight but now have to spend another $75 to use it.

Anthony Mason
Bridge lock conversion bar, super sweet after so long or sour after all??

The Bridge lock conversion bar from CBE is the epitome of simplicity. It is very easy to change from the standard mounting bracket to the bridge lock conversion. The bridge lock bar has the ability to move the sight in or out with very clear indentions and numerical adjustment for ease of use and initial setup. The only downside noticed is the bar itself is a tad bit loose in the bridge lock mount inside the bow, but for $50 I’m not sure what more you could ask for??!

Patrick Walsh
Loose fit

Like the sight but Bridge lock adapter is a very loose fit.

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