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The NEW CBE Axis Sight is comprised of a carefully constructed design that seeks to make achieving the cleanest shot possible, raising the bar on adjustability and stability the CBE way.

Featuring a redesigned riser mount bar clamp and 6.5" high modulus machined carbon-fiber bar, the Axis creates a dependable and customizable rock-solid foundation that elevates your set up. The carbon-fiber extension bar includes detent clicks with numbered positions to make sure your sight goes back to the exact same spot when installed. The redesigned elevation system removes unwanted play while maintaining rapid yet smooth adjustments, solid mounting, and easy adjustments. The Axis combines precision and durability into an all–in-one sight that will fulfill any archer's needs. 

For further ease of use and adaptability, the Axis features a Windage Tube Clamp locating collar that allows the scope to be removed for travel and reinstalled with ease to the same exact location when ready for use. Moreover, the sight includes Interchangeable Sight Scales that can be mounted on either side of the Elevation Bar with precision. For even further customizability, additional features include NEW Dual Micro Adjustable Machined Indicators, Micro Adjustable Windage with Locking Screw, 1st, 2nd & 3rd axis adjustments, zero backlash .002" per click windage and elevation adjustments, and 24 turn / 20 click windage and elevation. 

Weight: 10.15 oz


  • Redesigned Riser Mount & Carbon Bar Clamp - creating a solid foundation
    • 6.5" High Modulous Machined Carbon-Fiber Bar
    • Detent clicks for dovetail extension with numbered positions
  • Redesigned Elevation System - offers improved rigidity
    • Elevation Lock Down
    • Rapid Slide Adjustment
    • Elevation Tension Adjustment
    • Standalone 1st Axis Adjustment
    • Infinitely Adjustable Bar Mount Elevation
  • Windage Tube Clamp locating collar - allows scope to be easily removed for travel and installation
  • NEW Dual Micro Adjustable Machined Indicatiors
  • Micro Adjustable Windage with Locking Screw
  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd axis adjustments 
  • Zero backlash .002" per click windage and elevation adjustments
  • 24 turn/ 20 click windage and elevation
  • Interchangeable Sight Scales can be mounted on either side of the elevation bar with precision



      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Loved it...until

      I got the sight and I was immediately impressed. Until...I loosened the scope barrel to put my scope on it. I went to put it back on and I'm like "Where is a reference point so I know where the scope barrel needs to be?" There isn't one. Axcel has hash marks. Bowfinger has an arrow on the clamp. The Axis? Nothing! The only way you'll get the scope level on the sight is with the use of a bow vise! And you'll need to do this every single time you loosen the scope barrel clamp!!! Once that scope barrel spins, you're going to have to put it in a bow vise, grab a level, and check it. This is a major design flaw. I've listed it on Facebook and I'll take a big loss. I'm not the only one unloading mine, they are being sold off by everyone. I should have spent the extra $100 on an Axcel or Bowfinger. The money I saved wasn't worth it.

      John Snead
      All the features you need!

      Just got the Axis a few days ago and got it sighted in. Was use the older Elevate and the Axis is hands down highly superior. The adjustments it has makes it easy to zero in your yardage. Rapid travel function is smooth and dead on. So my 20 yard is at the dead stop top and can shoot out to 130 with no issues. (Except the loose nut behind the release). The only thing that I changed on mine is the scope tube lock down screw was just an Allen screw and I didn’t like that I needed to keep an Allen wrench handy. So I took off the lock down screw off my elevate and switched it out. Same thread was just a little long through on a small washer and it’s perfect. Quick and easy realize and attachment.

      Dillon L.
      Amazing Sight

      The best sight I've had in all my years of shooting. The adjustments are crazy great, and it's very easy to use!

      Chase Gregg

      Excellent site

      C. Campbell
      Great sight!!

      I have been using the new Axis bow sight for several weeks, and I am thoroughly impressed with its design and functionality. A notable feature of this sight is its rock-solid stability, ensuring there is no play in the elevation or windage mounts. This exceptional construction guarantees that once set, the sight remains precisely in place without any obscure rattling noises. The micro-adjustment capabilities of the sight mark indicators introduce an additional layer of precision to the shooting experience. Notably, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustments are effortless. CBE has truly excelled in creating a bow sight that not only meets but surpasses expectations.

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