CBE's NEW Axis Raising the Bar For Target Focused Sights

CBE's NEW Axis Raising the Bar For Target Focused Sights

Custom Bow Equipment is excited to expand its target-focused product line with the addition of a new sight that raises the bar on adjustability and stability. The NEW CBE Axis Sight comprises a carefully constructed design, elevating the functionality of the target sight category.  


Featuring a redesigned riser mount bar clamp and 6.5" high modulus machined carbon-fiber bar, the Axis creates a dependable and customizable rock-solid foundation that elevates your set up. The carbon-fiber extension bar includes detent clicks with numbered positions to make sure your sight goes back to the exact same spot when installed. The redesigned elevation system removes unwanted play while maintaining rapid yet smooth adjustments, solid mounting, and easy adjustments. The Axis combines precision and durability into an all–in-one sight that will fulfill any archer's needs. 


For further ease of use and adaptability, the Axis features a Windage Tube Clamp locating collar that allows the scope to be removed for travel and reinstalled with ease to the same exact location when ready for use. Moreover, the sight includes Interchangeable Sight Scales that can be mounted on either side of the Elevation Bar with precision. For even further customizability, additional features include NEW Dual Micro Adjustable Machined Indicators, Micro Adjustable Windage with Locking Screw, 1st, 2nd & 3rd axis adjustments, zero backlash .002" per click windage and elevation adjustments, and 24 turn / 20 click windage and elevation.

Fortifying the CBE Advantage, the NEW CBE Axis Sight provides a feature packed premium target sight with the reliability CBE is known for. From its dependable and customizable foundation to its repeatable and precise adjustments, the Axis is an all-around powerhouse that will only elevate your performance, and Custom Bow Equipment looks forward to bringing it to the market. Click HERE and get yours ordered today!

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