Pro Tips: Leveling 3rd Axis

Pro Tips: Leveling 3rd Axis

When completing my 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments on my CBE Vertex, I always use the Hamskea Third Axis Level. It is a very quick and easy tool to use for leveling your sight. First you insert the threaded rod with the nylon nut into the level, making sure you can see the pin head on each end above and below your scope. Attach the level to the side of your vertical sight bar. Also make sure there is no residue that would not allow it to sit flat on the block. The edge next to the bubble vial is the true side.

glen anchored cbe

Adjust the vertical sight bar which is your 1st axis by using additional Easy Third Axis Level, which is set up so there could not be any cant in the bow. You will attach the additional Easy Third Axis Level to a flat spot on the bow such as your riser, sight window, or your rest window. Now you will adjust the sight bar until both Easy Third Axis Level bubbles are correlating with one another. Now your 1st axis is set.

To set your 2nd axis, you need to position both your sight level and Easy Third Axis Level to be able to see them both. Level your 2nd axis first by comparing the bubble on the Easy Third Axis Level and the bubble in your sight. Both levels should match exactly with the bow held in a horizontal position as if you were shooting on flat ground. If it bobbles, don’t match make adjustments to the 2nd axis adjustment on the sight to make the bubble in the sight correlate to the Easy Third Axis Level bubble. Once the bubbles match, your 2nd axis is set.

For setting your 3rd axis, you need to set this level in either 30 degrees uphill or downhill angle. Draw the bow back with an arrow in it (just in case of any accidents) using your release or fingers depending on your shooting style, to at least a 30 degree downhill or uphill angle. By drawing the bow you are getting the full effects of torque on the third axis caused by drawing the bow back.

You will now use the threaded rod as your indicator to tell you the 1st axis (sight bar) is perfectly plumb. The bubble in your sight and the bubble in the Easy Third Axis Level could be incorrect due to the torque change in the bow. Line up the vertical threaded rod with a vertical plumb surface such as a plumb door jamb. Check the bubble in the sight with the threaded rod in line with a vertical surface; the bubble in the sight needs to be in level. If the sights bubble is not in level then adjust the 3rd axis adjustment on the sight. Once the bubble in your sight is centered then your sight is completely level.


This set of instructions should help set you up for success. Should you need further assistance, visit your local dealer or call CBE's esteemed customer service team: 585-444-0204.

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