MASTERING YOUR AIM: The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Perfect Archery Sight!

MASTERING YOUR AIM: The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Perfect Archery Sight!

In the realm of archery, the sight mounted on a bow plays a pivotal role in ensuring the accuracy and success of an arrow's flight. Whether an archer's goal is to hit their bullseye in the wild or on the competition line – the choice of sight can significantly impact performance. This exploration dives into the nuanced differences between hunting sights and target sights, dissecting how each of these variations caters to the distinct demands of hunting and target shooting, with Custom Bow Equipment providing options for any situation.

The Basics of Archery Sights

An archery sight is a device attached to the bow's riser and is designed to aid archers in aiming more accurately at their target. It typically consists of a frame with one or more aiming points, such as pins (in the case of hunting sights) or a ring or dot (for target sights). The fundamental purpose of any sight is to provide a consistent reference point for aiming, but the design and features of hunting and target sights diverge to meet specific needs.


Fixed Pin Hunting Sights: Ruggedness Meets Precision

Hunting sights are built to withstand the rugged conditions of the outdoors and the demands of mobile archery. They often feature a robust construction with fewer moving parts to minimize the risk of damage or misalignment, which can often result in a lighter weight sight. The most common type of hunting sight is the fixed pin sight, which includes several pins set at different elevations. Each pin is typically calibrated for specific distances, allowing hunters to quickly select the correct pin for the distance to their target.

With CBE’s CX-5, a fixed pin hunting sight that provides 5 highly visible pins, the archer has the ability to sight in from short to mid-range distances. The 5 pins allow the archer to have 5 aiming references at the ready for hunting situations where the target may change distances quickly. With a machined aluminum construction and a carbon dovetail bar mount, the CX-5 has a lightweight, durable, yet simple design. Micro adjustable windage and elevation also aid in precise movements while sighting in. A hunter may only plan on having a maximum hunting range of 30 or 40 yards, but with the 5 pins, they can practice at longer ranges to make those 40 yard/closer shots easier. 

Key Features of Hunting Sights: 

  • Durability: Made from materials like machined aluminum, hunting sights are designed to endure the elements and rough handling. 
  • Simplicity: The fixed pins provide a straightforward aiming mechanism without the need for adjustments in the field. 
  • Visibility: Brightly colored pins, often illuminated or fiber optic, are crucial for low-light conditions prevalent in hunting scenarios.


Target Sights: Precision Engineering for Accuracy 

Target sights, on the other hand, cater to the precision and repeatability demanded by target archery. These sights are more intricate, allowing for fine adjustments in both vertical and horizontal planes. Unlike the fixed pins of hunting sights, target sights usually feature a single movable pin or a dot within a ring, which can be adjusted to account for various distances and conditions.

The CBE Axis target sight contains the features that target archers look for when they need precision, repeatability, and durability. The riser mount bar clamp creates a solid hold on the carbon bar in one of the nine detent positions, allowing for the sight to be removed from the bow for travel and reinstalled in the same place every time. Featuring 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustment, the Axis can be properly and precisely aligned to ensure the highest level of accuracy for the various angles and conditions target archers may experience. A carbon bar macro elevation adjustment, which is separate from the 1st axis adjustment, allows the archer to achieve maximum range from the sight without running out of adjustment. Both the windage and elevation feature precise micro adjustments with .002” per click, while the elevation also has rapid travel for target archery that calls for a wide range of distances. The Axis also features dual micro adjustable indicators for precise adjustments on the sight tape. All of these features allow the target archer to be as accurate as possible, over and over again.

Key Features of Target Sights: 

  • Adjustability: Precision micro-adjustments for windage and elevation are hallmark features, enabling archers to dial in exact settings for different distances and make quick, precise adjustments when needed. 
  • Sight Picture: A clear and uncluttered sight picture is crucial for focusing on the target, with options for magnified lenses to enhance visibility. Typically, in target archery, a single aiming reference is used for an ideal sight picture.
  • Customization: Target sights offer a high degree of customization, including interchangeable pins, rings, and even the addition of lenses for magnification. Sights with a dedicated design for target archery are most commonly sold without a scope, to allow the user to attach the scope that best suits their needs. The Axis sight allows for quick and repeatable removal and installation of the scope for travel or replacement. CBE offers the VTX line of scopes which includes 41mm and 32mm scope offerings. Different sizes of scopes allow the archer to tailor their setup to their preferred sight picture. These scopes also allow for the option of sunshades, which can assist in controlling the amount of light allowed in the scope. The scopes can be customized to use a single pin, which can be mounted in eight potential locations or completely removed to use a ring or dot on a lens. CBE also offers lenses of various magnification for the archer to achieve their preferred sight picture and clarity. Click here to check out all the customizable features CBE offers. 

Hybrid Sights: Bridging the Gap Between Disciplines 

The evolution of hybrid sights emerges as a testament to the dynamic nature of archery, addressing the needs of archers who traverse both the hunting and target shooting domains. CBE has lead the charge at the forefront of Hybrid Sight technology dating back over 25 years to the very beginning of CBE’s existence. These sights embody a blend of the ruggedness and quick-reference benefits of hunting sights with the fine-tuned adjustability of target sights. Hybrid sights are designed for archers who demand versatility without compromising on the quality and precision of their equipment. These sights are ideal for the individual who will be taking shots from short to long ranges either on targets or while hunting. Hybrid sights represent a significant innovation in archery equipment, catering to the versatile archer who engages in both hunting and target shooting. While they may not offer the extreme specificity of dedicated hunting or target sights, they provide a highly competent and adaptable solution for archers who value both performance and versatility.  

The CBE line of Trek and Trek Pro sights offer durability and customizability while also providing precision that bridges the gap between hunting and target archery. With housing variations that include both vertical 1, 2, or 3 pin and horizontal 1, 3, or 5 pin options, the archer can choose the sight picture option they would prefer. Having the option for a multi-pin housing on a hybrid drive allows the archer to leave the housing stationary at their primary ranges during hunting season but allowing for precise long-range shooting practice during the off season or taking a longer shot if needed during hunting season. With the growing popularity of archery events that feature extreme shooting at long ranges and steep angles, the Trek and Trek Pro sights have the features that allow the archer to be as accurate as possible, while also having the durability to withstand hunting conditions. 

Key Features of Hybrid Sights: 

  • Adaptive Design: Hybrid sights incorporate features such as interchangeable and   adjustable sight housings, allowing archers to tailor their setup based on the activity at hand. 
  • Balanced Precision and Simplicity: These sights offer a compromise between the rapid target acquisition needed in hunting and the meticulous adjustments required for target accuracy. This balance ensures that archers do not have to sacrifice performance for versatility. 
  • Durability with Flexibility: Despite their multifaceted capabilities, hybrid sights do not skimp on durability. They are built to endure the challenges of the outdoors while providing the flexibility for precise adjustments. 

Choosing between hunting, target, or even hybrid sights for your archery setup epitomizes the saying "the right tool for the right job." Each type of sight is engineered with specific use cases in mind, optimizing performance for either the unpredictability of the hunt or the precision of target competition. The innovation of hybrid sights adds a new dimension to this dynamic, offering a versatile option for those who traverse across both styles of archery. Understanding these differences between all types of sights allows archers to select the sight that best aligns with their archery pursuits, ensuring both satisfaction and success in their endeavors. Whether stalking through the wilderness or aiming for gold, the proper sight is a companion that enhances the archer's skill, precision, and enjoyment of the sport. Custom Bow Equipment is a sight company that can cater to all styles of shooting with versatile and customizable sight options for all your sight needs. Click here to see them all.

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